"Versatile Applications of TADs, The Evolution and Future Developments"
BNDCC Nusa Dua Bali - Indonesia 6-8 September 2018


World Implant of Orthodontists Association

The history of the WIOA (world implant orthodontics association) dates back to year 2002, when the first AIOC (Asian implant orthodontic conference) was held in Seoul, Korea, to initiate the academic activities on the orthodontics using bone-borne anchorage devices among Asian orthodontists. The AIOC was first organized under the common agreement that the pioneers of the implant orthodontics in the East Asian countries, i.e. Korea, Japan and Taiwan are responsible for further development and systematization of the new technology. The emerging new concepts which encouraged the take-off stage of clinical orthodontics in the last 7 years (2002 to 2008) necessitated the organization of a world meeting, named as the World Implant Orthodontics Conference (WIOC) in 2008 in Seoul, Korea, in accordance with the worldwide grown interests in the new concepts encompassing new implant materials and clinical treatment. The first WIOC was successfully held in Seoul, Korea and the first WIOC advisory board meeting was held at the same time. The organization of the World Implant Orthodontics Association (WIOA) was then guided by the agreement of the board members.